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Timber Automation will be attending the Timber Processing and Energy Expo, October 17-19.  We invite friends and business partners to visit us at booth 627 and meet with representatives from each of our divisions, VAB, LogPro, Baxley and Timber Automation Construction.  We will be showcasing our latest innovative solutions for the industry.

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The Groups’ Vice President and General Manager will speak at the Lumber Manufacturing Workshop Presentations

Mr. Seth Vance, VP and GM of Timber Automation will be the first speaker of the TP&EE workshop presentations.  The title of Mr. Vance’s session is : Don’t leave dollars on the table. He will be exploring innovative ways Sawmills can use scanning, optimization and controls to maximize value.

When: Thursday October 18, 10:00 am

Where: TP&EE workshop présentations.


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Baxley Equipment Company, LLC and Price LogPro, LLC (Baxley-LogPro) are proud to announce the formation of Timber Automation, LLC.  Together, we have combined our strong presence in complementary product categories to take full advantage of our long history, extensive industry experience, and unmatched technical knowledge to deliver the highest quality services to our customers.  With our combined resources, our increased investments in engineering, technology, quality and production, we will continue to exceed our customer expectations.

Today, Timber Automation is also proud to announce the launch of Timber Automation Construction, the next step in provide complete end-to-end solutions.   We expect to be sharing the details with the industry as we spread the exciting news!  Timber Automation will continue to provide our high-quality Baxley Equipment and LogPro products in the future alongside our turn-key solutions.

Please join with us in welcoming John Steck, the President of Timber Automation, who joined us this January to lead our business forward in one cohesive manner.  John, who rose through the ranks by exceeding expectations at Danaher Corporation, received his education at University of Virginia, first with his BS in engineering and later, at the Darden School, where he earned his MBA.  John has the full support of an incredibly strong organization; Founding partners Chris Raybon, Russell Kennedy, Pat Conry and Jim Krauss will remain committed and active in operations.



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Price LogPro and Baxley-LogPro is pleased to announce its recent partnership agreement with Blue Sage Capital in a combined effort to make Baxley-LogPro a stronger and more formidable leader in the industry.  The influx of growth capital will ensure continued product development and allow Baxley-LogPro to increase present production capacities through the addition of automated manufacturing equipment and outside acquisitions.

With a large backlog of work, Baxley-LogPro plans to increase employment to meet current commitments and service the growing industry.  New positions will be added, allowing Baxley-LogPro to grow beyond our present constraints.

In entering into the agreement, our overriding desire was to do what is best for the company’s long-term success.  After months of research, it was decided that the Blue Sage team was the most capable to add management platforms, ideas, and processes to take Baxley-LogPro to the next level. As a team, the unique combination of skills and resources will allow Baxley LogPro to better serve the needs of our customers, provide eventual retirement opportunities for senior team members and advancement opportunities for other team members; while providing the financial capital necessary to secure the future of Baxley-LogPro shareholders and employees.

We thank all our many loyal customers for the part you have played in making Baxley-LogPro a success and we pledge to continue offering the high quality equipment, technical solutions and committed service that the company is known for.