LogPro offers a full line of lineal scanning conveyors that are designed around the application and fiber supply.  From extra heavy duty conveyors featuring engineered roller transport chain for high speed applications to a lineal flighted belt for ultra high speed small log applications. Safety is key factor with features such as infeed tunnels and infeed skids to protect from fiber jams as well as high side walls to keep the fiber contained and at a safe distance. Standard on all systems are vector electric encoded drives, large oversized head and tail sprockets/pulleys that reduce transport system wear and air over mechanical take-up with lubrication impregnated wear pads thus eliminating hydraulic needs altogether. Transport speeds vary from 300 FPM to 1,000 FPM depending on log size and application.  Chain applications incorporate a heavy duty frame that will allow loading transversely from a singulation system directly on the conveyor as well as discharging transversely after scanning for a more compact foot print.


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