LogPro’s complete line of Log Handling Equipment is custom engineered for fiber supply to be handled. The rotary log pusher was specifically designed to address safety issues that arise from transferring logs in a lineal flow arrangement to a transverse flow arrangement causing logs to skew requiring mill personnel intervention.  Reducing mill personnel intervention at these transitions has become an industry focus point.  The rotary log pusher is designed to receive logs from a lineal flow, adjacent feed deck or from ground storage via rubber tire loader or shovel via a heavy duty infeed skid pocket which uses gravity to settle and align the logs in the pocket.

A rotary carriage cycles  to achieve the desired backlog, transferring mutable logs to a storage/transfer deck in a metered/controlled manner. The design utilizes a heavy stationary framework with a pivoting assembly moving through slots. The stationary frame can be fully plated and heavily built to accept the repeated impact from the incoming logs/stems. The reciprocating assembly is balanced thus greatly reducing HP/energy demands.


  • The log pusher can feed Logs from 2” up to 36” diameter
  • Cycle speed is dependent upon the application


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