LogPro’s log handling technologies are custom engineered to each specific application.  We design, manufacture, and service our log handling equipment from our state of the art facilities located in Central Arkansas and Central Georgia.  Our 30 plus year experience makes us the domestic leader in log handling technology.  LogPro’s log handling systems are optimizing woodyard operations throughout the forest products industry with XXHD design, Premium Efficiency electric drives & various log handling arrangements. This flexibility allows for reliable log handling while greatly reducing downtime in an easily maintainable & safe unit.

LogPro’s newest innovation is the development of automated feed systems that provide a constant flow of fiber to the drum ensuring production is met.  Our batchfeeding systems are engineered to provide an optimum volume of fiber based on required production and debarker size; this maximizes performance and recovery by keeping the system at the correct target loading.  These systems are fully automated and allow the chipper operator to be in total control of quality and production.  By being linked directly to the PLC, the infeed system can track infeed levels while automatically alerting the log crane or mobile loader that more fiber is required allowing them more freedom to unload trucks or transfer fiber between feeding intervals.


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  • Gravity pocket and fully plated feeder reduce skews and plugs
  • Automated with Reporting
  • Simple Self Cleaning Design
  • No deck/chain maintenance with infeed pocket
  • Compact foot print
  • Guaranteed production without excuses

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