LogPro’s GEN III and GEN IV Merchandiser Systems are the most accurate and highest production log bucking systems offered today.  Through years of experience the current GEN IV System is refined for safety, performance, reliability and low power consumption. Technological advancements in electric powered designs offer smooth and accurate bucking at high piece rates of up to 16 stems per minute. The all electric design reduces energy consumption by at least 40% over the GEN I, II and III Systems.

Transverse bucking has become the industry standard and has proven to be the most efficient way to merchandise stems at high rates of speed.

Safety is the most important aspect of the LogPro design which incorporates redundant positioning measuring systems, safety gate system, balanced saw arms to naturally retract in a power failure emergency and electro mechanical safety brakes on travel drives. These safety advancements eliminate the past feedback/leak issues with hydraulic linear cylinders with internal temposonic probes and non-balanced overhung saw arms on GEN I and GEN II Systems.  Merchandised length accuracy is very consistent because the saws are positioned via flux vector electronic drives with encoder feedback.  Having the infinite travel of electric saw module positioning allows most mills to easily expand for higher throughput by adding additional shifting saws.

Merchandiser System Features

  • Standard Systems Designed for up to 36” diameters and 70’ long Stems
  • Optimized Blocks at rates of up to 45 logs per minute or 16 treelength stems per minute.
  • Consistent saw positioning within +/- ¼”
  • Systems run up to 700FPM linearly
  • Smooth Bellcrank Saw Arm Actuation – Cycles in less than 1.5 seconds on higher speed applications.
  • LogPro Systems are true infinite trim systems allowing, infinite over-trim lengths, defect cuts and odd length if niche markets arise – all at a touch of a button.
  • Simple single guide system to reduce friction and eliminate binding eliminating wear adjustments and reducing HP/energy requirements
  • Safety Balanced Saw Arms eliminates overhung load a reduces HP/Energy requirements


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