LogPro’s complete line of patented Stem Singulation Equipment is custom engineered for fiber supply to be handled. The feeders can be designed to handle a deep pile of stems from a crane or rubber tire loader. Our feeders are designed primarily for balanced reciprocating motion. The reciprocating motion eliminates the issue of wrapping vines and bark around the pivot tube as on other continuous rotation feeders in undebarked applications. Feeder designs are offered in full electric power on high speed applications or hydraulic operation on slower speed applications. The design utilizes a heavy stationary framework with a pivoting assembly moving through slots. The stationary frame can be fully plated and heavily built to accept the repeated impact from the incoming logs/stems. The reciprocating assembly is balanced thus greatly reducing HP/energy demands.


Singulation of Stems from 2” up to 36” diameter and cycle speed is dependent upon the application.


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