The LogPro Radial Log Crane is a continuous duty (Class F) 24/7 designed Radial Log Crane designed for off-loading tree-length and shortwood from trucks. In just one or two picks, depending on the model, the LogPro crane can off-load trucks for wood storage, log processing decks or directly into debarking infeed system. The optional trolley allows maximum use of the wood storage area.

Unlike other cranes of similar construction, the structure at the pivot of the LogPro crane is filled with concrete of sufficient weight to counterbalance the crane lifting forces. As a result, the pivot bearing is always under compression. The counter balance design gives the LogPro Rotary Log Crane an added safety feature, that in case of a pivot bearing failure, the crane will not overturn.

The overall class F structural design of the crane utilizes heavy-wall pipe and tubing for a strong yet simple structure. Structural Truss assemblies are shop welded with non destructive testing – main connections are of a pinned design. Although the LogPro crane has few fasteners, they are galvanized to reduce corrosion.

Independently adjustable wheel assemblies are direct coupled to planetary reducers through alignment/shock couplings. The LogPro wheels are supported by Timken AP railroad bearings.  LogPro offers optional all wheel drive  to eliminate slippage for performance and redundancy. Electro-mechanical brakes are standard on the wheel assemblies for failsafe operation.

The LogPro Radial Log Crane is designed for continuous duty and surpasses the most stringent requirements of CMAA 70 specifications. With models ranging from a 25-Ton, 125′ units to a 45-Ton, 175′ unit, and the LogPro log crane sets the industry standard for pulp and paper crane solutions.



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