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Log Cranes

Price LogPro’s log handling crane technologies are custom engineered to each specific application.  Forest Product Facilities that process in excess of 500,000 Green Tons of Roundwood per year should be operating at least one log crane system. Increasing fuel costs, manpower shortages, constant log run/yard maintenance cost and reduced fiber breakage provide an excellent return on investment for investing in a log crane.  We design, manufacture, and service our log handling cranes from our state of the art facilities located in Central Arkansas and Central Georgia.  Our 30 plus year experience makes us the domestic leader in log handling technology.


All LogPro cranes come standard with Flux Vector Electric Drive Technology with Regenerative braking on the Hoist and Travel Drives.  Regenerative braking uses the drive as a generator to provide braking force and generate electricity to be fed back to the grid for further energy/cost savings.

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